When you wish upon your star
Don't let yourself fall, fall in too hard

I fell into you now I'm on my back
An insect decaying in your little trap
I squirm into you now I'm in your gut
I fell into you now I'm in a rut

Lift you up like the sweetest angel
I tear you down like a whore
I will bury your God in my warm spit
You'll be deformed in your porn

Rock star, yeah (you're such a dirty, dirty)
Rock star, yeah (dirty, dirty, dirty)

You eat up my heart and all the little parts
Your star is so sharp it leaves me jagged holes
I make myself sick just to poison you
If I can't have you then no one will

You are the one I want and what I want is so unreal

I'm such a dirty rock star yeah
(I am the one you want and what you want is so unreal)

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