Photo of the artist Marilyn Manson

Obsequey (The Death Of Art)

Marilyn Manson

The ancient pharoahs were not too bright they say
But they made one contribution that I live by to this day
It's the food pyramid
And its approved the USDA

Oh grains of the foundation
So please take my advice
Of five to eleven servings of bread, cereal or rice
Three to five of vegetables
And four fruits is best
Their antioxidensty fiber help you to digest
Three servings of yogurt, milk and cheese
Will help your bones and subsidize the cattle industry

A body needs to grow
And grow and take regimes
Why meat can be a tasty treat
Like fish or even beans

And when you eat your sweets
Make sure you try
To limit your servings
Or you'll



My body is a pyramid that's made of healthy foods
So do what we say
Eat right every day
I love you

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