Photo of the artist Mark Wills

I Just Close My Eyes

Mark Wills

Wheels are turnin'
I feel my whole life spinnin' 'round
Stars are burnin'
I don't even know where i am
Sometimes the road seems like such a crazy way to live
Sometimes my dreams take more, more than i can give

When i need you
Gotta see you
I find a way to break through
And i can almost feel your touch
When i'm restless
Feelin' desperate
I know i'll never make it
Without your love
Even though you're a thousand miles away from me tonight
I can see you, you're right here by my side
I just close my eyes
I just close my eyes

People surround me
Still i feel so alone
Lost and empty
Every time we hang up the phone
God knows i'd turn around and run to you right now
I've still got three more nights and two more towns

(repeat chorus twice)

I just close my eyes
I just close my eyes

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Written by: Aimee Mayo / Bill Luther / Chris Lindsey. Isn't this right? Let us know.