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Playing My Game

Lene Marlin

Won't open my mouth
You know what I'll say
It hurts me that it's gotta be this way
I can no longer hide
God knows I've tried
I held on as long as I could
If I could change it I would
This is the way I am
And this is what I do

I cry my tears
But they're not for you
Playing a game
I know you've done too
I shouldn't have waited
But still it is all the same
'Cause you know
I'm just playing my game

Close your ears if you don't like
The sound of my voice
You're acting like I
Like I had a choice
But to leave you behind
Well, I've made up my mind


Don't hold me with your eyes
The light in them I cannot see
No need to blind me
There's this darkness where I walk
You thought you had your future
All figured out

I cry...


I'm playing my game

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