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Where I'm Headed

Lene Marlin

(pass by don't dare to stop)

got a suitcase in my hand
filled with stuff most precious to me
sidewalk brings my feet
wherever they're headed
there's no direction given
just some trust in human mind
to rely on and to hold on to

honestly don't know
where i'll end up at last
won't even count the days
one thing i'm sure of
i won't move so fast
my mind in complete haze

i pass by
don't dare to stop
when there's someone i see
there's no one here but me
i'm fooled by something inside my head
if i lay down now
i might look kinda dead
just keep on wasting time

scary thoughts and frightening sounds
in my mind still i try to avoid it
heading through this
hope not one way ally
i can't really sense my surroundings
seems to be all dark around
nothing there to lighten up my way


I pass by etc (to fade)

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