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Make Me Believe

Martina McBride

I'm still waiting...
Tell me you love me and make me feel it
Convince me that your heart is true
Don't say you love me if you really don't mean it
'Cause boy I ain't nobodys fool, yeah

Baby I'm trying to find a place inside your heart
Oh but its hard to start a fire without a spark
If you wanna be the man that rocks me to my knees
Baby just make me believe
'Cause I'm still waiting...

Everynight I bring you all my broken pieces
But you just put them on your shelf
Tell me why you put this wall between us
And keep your reasons to yourself, ah...

Repeat Chorus

You say you feel the same
But my heart is full of doubt
You say you'll find the time
So we can work it out
But I'm still waiting...

Repeat Chorus x2

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