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Wrong Again

Martina McBride

From the day we met,
You made me forget.....all my fears.
Knew just what to say,
And you kissed away......all my tears.

I knew this time
I had finally found,
Someone to whell my life around.
Be a lover and a friend,

After all my heart had put me through,
I knew that it was safe with you.
What we had would never end.
Wrong again.

Everybody swore,
They'd seen this before.
We'd be fine.
And you'd come to see,
That you still love good time.

And they said theres nothing you can do,
It's something that he's going through,
Happens to a lot of men.
And I told myself that they were right,
That you'd wake up and se the light,
And i'd just have to wait 'til then.
Wrong again.

And it seemed to me the pain would last,
My chance for happiness had past,
nothing waiting 'round the bend."
I was sure I'd never find someone
to heal the damage you had done,
My poor heart would never mend,
Wrong again.

Wrong again.

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