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Grant Park

Marvelous 3

Go and take a ride to her shop in grant park
You can walk though the door and shove the knife in her heart
When you tell her thet you can't stand the song anymore
The one you two adopted on the prom dance floor
You can be a Tom Cruise and make a big scene
Or be like Mcgyver and cut it clean
Either way there's gonna be blood on the floor
When you tell her that you don't dig girls anymore

Anymore,(i can't belive it) anymore anymore

Now here's a funny story bout a singer named Jed
He caught his girlfriend with a women in bed
They were watching loveline with a bottle of wine
Having a party like it's 1999
So he thew down the movies and had a heart attack
He jumped in the ocean and he never swam back
They just stood there naked, except for their socks
Feeling cheaper than a prize in a cracker jack box
I don't think Jed's really gonna wanna rock anymore


Check the exposure, somethings wrong with this picture
I can't see the truth for all of the dirty lines
Check the exposure something's wrong with this picture
All in all your gonna loose your mind
Theres a little story that your gonna adore
Kinda like a lost scene on the cutting room floor
It's all fun and games till you get a black eye
Your down in the sewer asking all the rats, why?'
You can live and love and lie and cheat as much as you wish
But that's about as tacky as a satellite dish
On a hot pink house with a burgandy door
With cigarette butts all over the
I don't think my stomach's gonna take anymore


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