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Every Monday

Marvelous 3

I was checked in by 4
Put the sign on the door
Looked out the window of the 17th floor
Yelled to the city that know me by name
And all the bad things that I do
I shed 5 bitter tears
Into 5 bitter beers
Look at my watch and said
"Where have the years gone?
I'm wasting away like a castle of clay
that's slowly crumbling into"

Every Monday I get this pain
Every Wednesday it hits my brain
Every Friday I die
Cuz every day I still think of you

I was f***ed up by five
Talking nothing but jive
Told the bartender he'd never take me alive
All of this because my favorite show
Was cancelled last night on TV
So I called up Marie
She'd have sex for free
But for ten bucks an hour she'd listen to me
Talk about rock stars and models on dope
And how I can't cope with this scene


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