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Let Me Go

Marvelous 3

Turn the TV off
Put down the Cosmopolition
I'd like to think that
I'm not asking a lot
Oh my god, this static is bad
for my complexion
This town has turned you
into someone your not

And every other day I hear
another brother say
That I'm standing in line

Please, just let me go
Just let me go
And if it's all over
Just tell me so
Just tell me so
Please, just let me go
And I won't be your shadow anymore

I passed the house last night
Knowing it was my last time
I'd see the dent of anger
kicked in your car
In the rear view mirror
Thoughts of sex cross my mind
Looks like the drama queen
is finally a star
And every other day
I hear another brother saying that
I'm crazy, for lying to myself
and you for trying


You lost your mind
I lost my keys
Sometime last night while
I was on my knees
I miss the smile that you traded
For the cold piece of armour
wrapped around your heart


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