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In The Beginning Of Relationships

Marvelous 3

Well she's standing on the corner with a crooked runny nose
Smiling bout the good sex she had
But the smiling goes away cuz she won't see him today
Cuz he'll be hangin' with a stripper girlfriend

And there's a reason for your shaky hands
The ditching of the one night stands
You put your single friends up on the shelf
You get jealous when he's having fun
You know your not the only one
You gotta have him all to yourself

This is what it's like, this is what it's like, this is what it'slike she said
This is what it's like, this is what it's like, in the beginningof relationships

You start freaking out because he hasn't called you when he saidhe would so smoke and drink and cuss at the floor
About the time you reach hysterics, you call up his sistererica
And ask her if he likes you anymore
Now your stomach's like a gravel pit, you don't think you canhandle it
You think of how you're gonna break the news
When he finally calls, you give in, and you realize you're livingin
A battle that you're probably gonna lose

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