All of our lives, we spend watching with covered eyes in a world gone blind.
All of the evil, man against man, only out for himself.
How much more can we stand?

And we pray for forgiveness at the end of the night,
Cus' it makes us feel better when we turn out the light.
But if the world starts to crumble,
Then I'll know I was right all along.

All of those lies, keep breading from greed.
Is it too late to start to change our ways
and open our hearts to the truth, to the people in need?
We paint pretty pictures to cover the things we don't want to see.
But how can we ignore the call, oh Lord, of a brother crying out in misery?


There must be a way to answer the call.
If you're listening, then answer the call.
It's gonna take more than a miracle.
It's gonna take us all to start listening and answer the call

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