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Angel's Lullaby

Richard Marx

I was never alive
Til the day I was blessed with you
When I hold you late at night
I know what I was put here to do
I turn off the world
And listen to you sigh
And I will sing my angel's lullaby

Know I'm forever near
The one you can always call
Right now all you know to fear
Are the shadows on your wall
And I'm here close enough
To kiss the tears you cry
And I will sing my angel's lullaby

So tell me how to stop the years from racing
Is there a secret someone knows
I'll never catch all the memories I'm chasing
I'll never be ready to let go

And when the world seems cold
You feel that all of your strength is gone
There may one tiny voice
Your reason to carry on
And when I'm not close enough
To kiss the tears you cry
You will sing your angel's lullaby

Let this be our angel's lullaby

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