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He Thinks He'll Keep Her

Mary Chapin Carpenter

She makes his coffee, she makes his bed
She does the laundry, she keeps him fed
When she was twenty-one she wore her mothers lace
She said forever with a smile upon her face

She does the laundry, she P.T.A.'s
Doctors and dentisits, she drives all day
When she was twenty-nine she delivered
number three
And every Christmas card showed a perfect family


Everything runs right on time, years of
practice and design
spit and poish 'til it hsines, he thinks
he'll keep her
Everything is so benign, the safest place
you'll ever find
god forbid you change your mind, he thinks he'll
keep her

she packs his suitcase, she sits and waits
with no expression upon her face,
When she was thirty-six she met him at
their door,
she said i'm sorry i dont love you anymore


for 15 years she had a job and not one
raise in pay
now she's in the typing pool at
minimum wage

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Written by: Don Schlitz / Mary Chapin Carpenter. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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