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Gonna' Stay In The Bathtub ('til The Soap Disappears)

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate: Hey, Ash! There's water dripping from the ceiling!
Right into my cereal.
Ashley: It must be our brother. He's upstairs taking a bath.
Mary-Kate: I told you we should have sold him.

Bring on the clowns
Bring on the boats
Bring on the soap, make sure that it floats
Bring me my bubble bath, strawberry, please
Bring me some sandwiches, ice cream and cheese
I don't know how long this could go!

I'm gonna stay in the bathtub 'till the soap disappears
Stay 'till I'm wrinkled clean up to my ears
It may be for weeks and it may be for years
Gonna stay in the bath tub 'till the soap disappears

Something to wash with and something to scrub
Something to rubba and something to dub
Three plastic bottles, a one gallon pail
My blue rubber ducky, my green blubber whale
And now I'll step into the tub!


Wait, I'm not ready-I nearly forgot
I'm here in the bath but the water is not
I just can't believe it
I just have to laugh
But at least it isn't too hot

Chorus (X 2)

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