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Get Up


One more wish is behind you now
A your dream comes alive
You have it all in the palm of your hand
But it can cost you your life
Who is you master? Who is your master?

City lights they blind you now
Oh, how they hypnotize you
The good life all night
It's all part of a machine
With on one in control
and something's about to explode

Get up…
You gotta rise up, rise up, get excited
Get up…
You gotta rise up, rise up, get excited

Every eye is upon you now
No one mentions your name
You are the envy o f every earnest heart
Only your past will remain
Yesterday was here and gone
What's it gonna be today?
Everytime that I turn around
Whoa! Something's in my way
But I got some news from the Other Side
And I know that I'm ready, know that I'm right


You stick around waiting for changes
With one foot out the door
Spend all your time wondering
Who your heart is really for
Now you've broken the chains, you're totally free
So take back you sanity


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Written by: Dino Elefante / John Elefante. Isn't this right? Let us know.