Someone is call is call is call, someone is calling me.
I hear the voice in the night, they're all around,
they know, they see, they take me down.
I don't want to see the light of day,
I'm afraid of what the world may say.
Oh, I need to call on someone higher,
cause it's getting right down to the wire.

And the wrapped around my heart is a wall,
no one can see beyond the other side...

I'm caught up in this whole entire unforgiving line of fire,
And on the other side it's waiting..

I hear voices in the night,
I look around but there's nothing in sight,
I'm being taken down below.
They're saying follow me, why don't you follow me,
I'm, being taken down below.

Somewhere beneath this mass confusion,
there seems to be a sure conclusion.
The arm of time will always find me,
there's always something to remind me...
That innocence it has no place,
the path I'm on that I have chosen to embrace
a different point of view, never ending story, who gets the glory

And what you fear will give you life, cause every promise has its price.
And on the other side its waiting...


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