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Thief In The Night


What's gonna happen to you;
When the things that you live for are suddenly gone
What's gonna happen to you;
when the things you believe in are taken.
All of your days and all of your nights you spend
waiting for something you know you will never obtain
Hear what I'm saying…

Don't be afraid of the thief in the night,
there's nowhere on earth you can hide
He'll free you from chains and steal you away,
Don't be afraid…yield to the thief in the night

What's gonna happen to you,
when the wall all around you are closing fast
what's gonna happen to you,
when the bottom falls out from below you.
Safe from the knife, feeling no pain
you go searching for clues how to win this ridiculous game everybody is playing.

Do you hear what I'm sayin'!!!
Are you listening…

What's gonna happen to you,
when the ship you've been waiting for doesn't come in
What's gonna happen to you when you've come to the end of of the line


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Written by: Dino Elefante / John Elefante. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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