Im Bout It, Bout It

Master P

[Master P]
I could never turn my back, nigga (never) I could never forget where I
from (this for all my muthafuckin soldiers) Master P (Master P) native
New Orleans (Indiana) all ya'll TRU soldiers (New Orleans, Louisiana)
em in the air (get em up Richmond, California) puttin em on the map.
Put em
up, represent. Where ya from? (west side, south side) check out some
this Down South shit though, nigga
You bout it?
I'm bout it, bout it
If you bout it, bout it, well say you you bout it
I represent, where them killas hang
3rd Ward Calliope projects we got our own thang
It's a small hood, but it's all good
And Mr. Rogers ain't got shit on my neighborhood
I represent nothin but Gs
From Richmond, California all the way back to New Orleans
That murdle capital of the world, so, fool, watch yo back
Somebody ??? through here, but some tourists don't make it back
And niggaz ain't trippin on yo life, G
They ready to take yo ass out before the count of 1-2-3
Some gimme yo could chain, what about yo gold ring?
Niggaz from Down South quick to put you in that body slang
I mean that body cast, what about a body bag?
You ain't think quick, that's why you on yo ass
And niggaz stuntin, perpetratin, talk shit
You roll through the projects, you might get yo wig split
Ms. Lil Crazy wanna borrow a quarter
You better not fuck with them fools that's gone on that water, water
I mean that clicker juice (damn) fermalghahyde
Whatever you wanna call it, they dippin cigarettes to get high
Like some alcoholics, niggaz don't even give a fuck
They leave ya stuck in that muthafuckin black truck
Break you off like some muthafuckin Japanese
Ain't no love in this hood, ainc12

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