Hear The Music Of My Heart

Matt Redman

lord hear the music of my heart
hear all the pourings of my soul
songs telling of a life of love
jesus this is all for you
you've become the ruler of my heart
you've become the lover of my soul
youve become the saviour of this life
you are everything to me

oh now jesus jesus i will pour my praise on you
gonna worship worship
demonstarte my love for you
may i come to be a blessing to your heart
jesus jesus who can tell how wonderful you are
how wonderful you are

oh how wonderful you are x3

youre the healer
youre the teacher
youre the true and living one
youre my hope now and my glory
youre the lifter of my head
youre the first your the last
youre the birght and morining star
oh how how how wonderful you are

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