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Till The Cops Come Knockin'


Didn't you dig the way I rubbed yo back girl
Wasn't it cool when I first kissed yo lips
Was it enough to illuminate you dark world
Or were you embarrassed about the way you freaked
Well I wanna hold you
I wanna know you baby
If it's alright

Gonna take you in the room suga'
lock you up and love for days
We gonna be rockin' baby til the cops come knockin'
Papa gonna have to leave a message on the
telephone baby
There won't be no stoppin' me til the cops come knockin'

Six on a Thursday night 'n you be jonesin' baby
For a brother to hold you tight n' keep on going
Last lover came n' went didn't even hug n' kiss n'
caress you
Gimme a call it's cool the M's all open
I'm open wider than oceans
I'll be your lotion
If It's alright

Please you tease you eat you
Make you feel so good inside
Loving you long if that's alright?

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