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Somebody's Long Lonely Night

McLauchlin Murray

She didn't look what you'de call fallen
But I would say she looked preyyy tired
A couple of guys were looking her over
With more than a little desire
She had angry lines that neatly surrounded the red
That was still in her eyes
And a single suitcase and the look on her face
Said it's somebody's long lonely night
It's somebody's long lonely night.

She laid on a well-timed four-letter remark
And the Don Juans they split outa' sight
Me and the water, we sat shaking our heads
But we knew that she'd be all night
One more stastic they'll add to the stories
Of runaway sweethearts and wives
It takes somebody a little bit tougher
To make somebody's long lonely night.

It's nobody's business
What goes on between people
Trying to make it today
But it's always a shame to see dying flames
And somebody leaving that way
Like an old rusty bus in the weeds and the dust
Passing so slowly from sight
Love sometimes passes
And sometimes it ends
Somebody's long lonely night.

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