The Super Duper Minecraft Musical

Melissa Benoist

Have you ever thought, sorry you’re just not my type
You’ve got style but you’re not for me
But then along comes an image that creates some hype
And it makes you smile to see

What this world can be
When you’re given the key
To the super duper, so heart-pounding, awesome, stellar
And astounding vision that the world has never seen
Where the specular maps amaze you
And the danger doesn’t phase you

In this land where dreamers rule, and you’re queen
A llama chorus starts to form
And soon they’re dancing up a storm

Uhm hmm

You said it!
What else could be in store?
You feel the wind as it whips on by
Caused by the chickens who fly so high

And as they touch the sky
Your spirit starts to soar
Cause for the first time
You truly see yourself
So you dig down deep

And you take a leap
And you land right back where you started
But everything feels new
In this super duper realistic

Extra special fabulistic
Mystical and magical dramatic never tragical
World that waits for you!

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