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I'm sin,
Done in water
You might be over hill
He's somebody's daughter
As far as Liz well knows

Sin me a black one
Bubbled in a big sun
Open with a cast ray
A mystery mind

He sits her with father
We seem so in a two

Open up a C.A.T. scan
White leather free land
Wishy little be scar
Half-made mind

Elvis had a daughter
Not half boned siksura

Heavy Betty big bone
Little kitty fig bomb
I'm no feet less
Keep me one

Eat more with your collar
Call egg mig mig me in may

Time is a big one
Only have to free us all
Misery to hope laid
Have them with the bong hit

Exit measured one seev
And I'm break and kickin gray
I'm rigging with the clothes bend
I hang my bong

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Written by: Melvins. Isn't this right? Let us know.