If God moves across the water
The girl moves in other ways
And I'm losing sight of either
Nite and fog are my days

I wanted only to be gentle
But I gave her jealousy and rage
Who knows exactly what I'm after
Nite and fog are my days

Wisemen want faith,fools want gold
Sailors want water, but you want it all

I tried to guide my love by starlite
And soon my live became a maze
Osiris and Orion were your favorites
Nite and fog are my days

Vampires want darkness,
Monsters want souls
Spiders want corners
But you want it all

She turns half nude to find me naked
But I can see she wants me in other ways
In the dark I've driven her to madness
Nite and fog are my days

I hope you see your ship come in
May it find you and never lose it's way
But I would make a poor captain
Nite and fog are my days

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Written by: Grasshopper / Jeff Mercel / Jonathan Donahue. Isn't this right? Let us know.