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I thought you were the one
but i was wrong cuz
you've already left
and i hope that you miss me
tonight chelsea

and i hope that you miss me
tonight chelsea

a year ago we met
and i never would've guessed
that you mean so much to me
but those brown eyes drove me crazy
and at the time everything was going wrong
but you made everything seem alright
so now i wonder where you are
on this cold november night


i had to leave that night
cuz i knew something wasn't right
we held each other as the night came to an end
but all i could think about was your boyfriend
if he only knew the things that you have done and said
and that you were lying here with me in this bed
because i live so far away
is why you chose him that day


Tonight i don't know where you are
but i know where you shold be
so here i am all alone
where you should be with me

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