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Da Rockwilder

Method Man

[redman) oh my god, oh my god !

aaaow! (boo!)
uh, uh yo uh
microphone checka swingin sword lecture
closin' down the sector, supreme neck protector
better warn 'em kid Mr. meth's a bolling pot
about to blow his lid from the pressure , too hot for t.V
for sheesy, too many niggas wanna be hard, be easy
It's all in together ,going all out together
It don't take much to please me
still holmes I'm never sastisfy like the stones
we don't condone bitiing' see those southern crossbones
protecting what I'm writting
Don't clash with titan, who blast with a license
to kill rap recitings
come on in the zone with ya nigga from the group home
TICAL(fuck your life style!)
put you lights out
get this shit a crakin'got you feenin' with your pipes out
time for some action' surfin the avenue
mad at you' where I used to battle crews
back when Antoinette had that additude
cover me I'm going in ,walls closin in
got us bustin ' off these pistols
my niggas got issues ,again, same song
armed with the mega bomb
blow you out the frame then I'm gone.

yo, I was going too but we rome cellular phones
doc-meth back inthe flesh ,blood and bones
don't condone , spit bank loans and homegrown
suckers break like turbo in Ozone
when i , grab the broom
moon -walk platoon hawk my goon's bark
leave in the blue lagoon lost (TRUE)
three nines and the glove with nasu he dying in the car
while we behind on the bars
hatters don't touch ( what?)weigh us both up
now my neighbor doped up,
got the cable hooked up,all channels
lift my shirt all mammal
you ship off keys and we ship grand pianos
sawed off shot gun,
hand on the pump' sippin on a forty
yo smokin' on a blunt
bust my gun and red and meth gettin jumped
la,la,la,la,la,la, la, laaaa
yeah come on, red and meth gettin jumped
la,la,la,la,la,la,la, laaaa

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