Honey Bunny


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Hello dirt, goodbye innocence,
Catch me a drop of dew.
Goodbye hope, hello elegance,
You've got a lot to prove.
Sunshine beach, you've got sandy toes,
race to the perfect beach, I owe you,
thanks a lot, thanks for everything,
you are a weasel shit.

Oh my God! What have we done?
I killed your mama, you better run!
You better skip, on outta here,
We'll miss this place, Gonna disappear.

Fucking weasel, you've lost your touch.
Skinny as hell, but it's not enough.
Life is a mineshaft of love.
But don't dig too deep.

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Composition: Andrew Vanwyngarden/Ben Goldwasser · Is this not the composer? Let us know.
Sent by Márcia, Subtitled by Rafaella
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