So I'm just sitting in the van
waiting for my friends to come
So I can play them all a song
that hasn't any words
And I've got nothing left to do
so I'll start to play a game
But it hasn't any rules
and no one comes in second rate
Keep your guard up my friend
or they'll catch you in the end
And you'd better run like hell
if you want to get away
And I can never find the keys
so I'll just sit out here and freeze
As the snow falls on my face
and dissolves the human race

Hey my friend they'll catch you in the end,
but don't you let them change you
I believe that if you stop to breathe
you'll only lose your breath
My friend they'll catch you in the end
Well I really must be off; a fool can never wait around
Or he might begin to learn that we're not as smart as he
But I want to find out why the world
must always pass me by
And no matter how I try I will always come up short
But the music is inside and they can't get in your mind
So just sit right back and play all
the things you want to say
And I'll find you in the end and you can be my friend
And we'll sit and play a song that hasn't any words
Hey now don't you go away feeling so sad
All I ever meant to say was that if you need me
I'll be glad to lend a hand

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