Torn from the heavens, they fall from the sky
And walk the streets among mortal men
They hide in shadows, keepers of the night
Mortal life is weak, can't hold back the demons
The blood pours as rain and soon you'll be alone

Whaaoo Descending angel
Stand by my side
Whaaoo we'll face the night
Descending Angel whaaaooo
Guard the gates of hell just one more night
For in the morning...will bring the light

Born or created in the image of a God
The heavens fall, no savior has been sent
No one to guide us, alone we face the night
Mortal life is brief for the rebel angels
They make their final stand and soon you'll be alone

Whaaooo Descending angel stand by my side
Whaaoo and face the night
Descending angel whaaoo
Guard the gates of Hell just one more night
Whaoooo Forever...ends...tonight
Descending Angel

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