Well I probably shouldn't be here
I should probably be at home
But there's something out there baby
That I'm having trouble finding lord
I've been driving all night
Long 500 miles on an endless tour
What makes me feel better
It's not hard to find some more

I got one phone call baby break me out!

I'm running out of money in this dirty hotel room
I'm running out of patience while
I wait around for the truth
It's half past 8
I gotta get on stage but
I got that ache again
He said that it should be here
He didn't say when

The judge said she will see me now break me out

I probably shouldn't say this
But I know I've come apart
I feel like somethings over
I know I broke your heart
I'm an outlaw in a dirty game
I do what I do she said that all this
Running would soon catch up with you

I'll take another hit of what you got break me out

I probably shouldn't be here
I should turn around and go but the harlot
Sweet as honey takes me where I want to go
The devil knows just what it likes
It speaks beneath its breath and
I can't taste it's body
Its mouth moves past my neck
I want to do bad things to you break me out!

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