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Bring It On Cheer

Michelle Branch

im sexy im cute im popular to boot
im bitchin great hair
the boys all love to stare
im wanted im hott
im everything you not
im pretty im cool
i dominate the school

who am i?
just guess
guys wanna touch my chest

im rockin, i smile
and many think im vile
im flyin i jump
you can look but dont u hump

im major, i roar
i swear im not a whore

we cheer and we lead
we act like were on speed

hate us cuz we're beautiful
well we dont like you either
we're cheerleaders
we are cheerleaders


call me big red
im w-w-whitney
c-c-c-courtney REOW!!
dude its darcy
im big bad carver YEAH!!
they call me kasey!

im still big red!!

i sizzle i scorch
but now i pass the torch
the ballots are in
and 1 girl had to win
shes perky shes fun
and now shes number one
k-kick it torance


im strong and im loud
im gonna make you proud
im t-t-torance,
your captain torance

lets go toros!
we are the toros
the mighty mighty toros
we're so terrific

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