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Forever, For Always, For You


Never had a feeling
That felt like this
Never thought my life could change
With just one kiss
Never had a reason
To spread my wings and fly
Never saw forever
Until you looked in my eyes
Like a light that shines a way
Through all my darkest hours
Your love, it flows through me
And I feel the power

'Til the clocks run out of time
'Til the stars refuse to shine
I will hear you when you call
And I'll catch you when you fall
'Til the rivers all run dry
And the sun falls from the sky
This much I know is true
My love is forever, for always for you
My love is forever, for always...

Did you ever wonder
If dreams could come true?
If love songs and fairy tales
Were ever meant for you?

Did you ever wonder
what's at the rainbow's end?
If Romeo and Juliet
Could ever happen again?

Like a river finds the sea
And rain falls to the ground
Of one thing you can be sure
I'll never let you down


And if the weight of this world
Should ever cause you pain
I'll be there right by your side
Give you shelter from the rain

Just call my name


Forever, for always for you
Forever, for always for you

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