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Somebody hit the lights,
So we can rock it day and night,
People getting down thats right,
From A.m to p.m

Everybody looking like stars,
All the chicks and fellas in the bars,
All of yall bumping this in ya cars,
From A.m to p.m

Everybody that wanna get down and ya hear the sound and ya bumpthe beat,
365 days ayear, 24 a day, 7 days a week,
Now when your drivin in your 4by4 and ya turn this up on yastereo,
With a nine today, non stop and play and ya know you still wantmore,


Find a hunny thats standin by the wall,
All the girls get the guys on the floor,
From the front to the back lets go,
hear this

Somebody hit the lights,
so we can rock it day and night,
People getting down thats right,
From a.m to p.m
everybody lookin like stars,
all the chicks and the fellas in the bars,
all of yall bumpin this in ya cars,
from a.m to p.m

all the people in the club now bobbin ya head now to this song,
you got the beats and brakes and your body shakes and were
doing it all night long
any time or place any place or time no we dont need no sleep,
365 days a year, 24 a day, 7 days a week


find a hunny.......

somebody hit the lights..........

(at end) FROM AM TO PM!

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