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Da Strike


You strike get pissed that is just the way it is
use your nose to the melancholy funk sound
we are just a couple of local bowlers hangin' out tonight
leaving all the girls behind

So what's a girl compared to a perfect game
I guess a lot if you find the right one
if I had to choose between a bowl and you
I'm not tellin you you're taiking it the wrong way

I love the feelin' that I get when I strike
that's the only time I feel alive
don't need you baby just need to strike
I love the feeling that I get when I strike

You are in trance when you slick into the area
you pass the sa, taking of your pumas
the way we bowl is cleaner than the others styles
it´s'pro but they say we're doing it the wrong way

So I guess you must be crazy to be bowling like we do
it's cool we're doing it our own way
no girls just the rude boys from the south
kickin' it slickin' it trickin' it again

Yes, that's right bowling is alright, the only time I feel alive
is when I'm hanging at the A-house
that's right, pass me those shoes
I'm ready for the perfect game so watch me shoot

If you get upset and you don't understand, it's quite alright
just follow your instincts
physical activity is the way to free your mind
so get on your feet and bowl to the funky beat

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Written by: Millencolin / Nikola Sarcevic. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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