I cruise along and think I'm fine
I feel the waves and the sunshine

I lose myself and feel the tide
I feel your presence at my side

I feel no rush and think I am glad
And yet something still makes me sad

I feel it's someone else's stride
And I am just along for the ride

I could be fine and yet I strive
As though I'm tumbling down
This endless hole
I know I'd like to lead my life
Feeling that I'm really in control

I will look on as time just flies
Content that I never ever might be whole
I feel so down and yet would rise
But I'm too scared that I might fall

I remember the day I tried
To remove the thorn in my side
I wanted to retain it all
I should have known it was your call

In the end I got it all
Got it all wrong
Much too desperate
To hang on

It was the day I lost it all
Lost it all

It was the day I lost control
Lost control

When I lost control
When I lost control

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