You see me swimmin' all along the shores and open sea (i'm, the squid)
Mindin' my business when i see you there just watching me (i'm, the squid)
I know you're curious to why i'm here inside your lake (i'm, the squid)
Why don't you take some of my ink and see what you can make (i'm, the squid)

You can say what you want, but you can't tell me
I'm not that scary looking up close, wont you come and see
I will drop some ink for you, so you can make different
Colors of every shade and hue why dont you dont you

I know you're killin' all my friends so you can have their ink (we're, the squid)
You think that i get mad but it's not really what you think (we're, the squid)
Were contributin and your bootin' all the other mobs (we're, the squid)
All the cows and pigs and sheeps turned out to be some slobs (we're, the squid)

Take my ink and watch me sink into the sea
Use it wisely find a sheep and punch it like a tree
Take the wool and mix it with all of your ink
It's so amazing different colors and so unique

We're the squid x8

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