The Boy That I Secretly Love

Miraculous Ladybug

There is only one thing this kind of damage can bring
Cat Noir's Cataclysm, am I right?
And look this gift wrap too, it's an important clue
It's from a present to Adrien tonight

Adrien disappears and Cat Noir steps in
He must be working to protect him
My only explanation, my speculation
Is that some supervillain is after Adrien

It's a good thing I'm here, I'll protect him without fear
This boy that I secretly love
And with all of my might, I'll save you tonight
You're the boy that I secretly love

If you never know it's true, I'll be there for you
You're the boy that I secretly love
But what would you do if you knew what's true?
That's why I so secretly love you

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