Let's begin where the story ends
I'll try to explain how I lost my friends
I didn't stop then I knew I should
I've got nothing now, it's gone for good

I guess they want me dead, a bounty on my head
I say, just let them come, yeah bring them on
Are you listening now, can I get through somehow
I've been waiting for so long
This is last years's song

It all began in this payed up town
You were looking for a way out, love strapped you down

I turned and ran as we were taking our vows
It sure is hard to run in a wedding-gown

So I stole your car, and ran in through your heart
And the radio was on, playing last year's song
And if you're listening now, can I get through somehow
You know I never did you wrong
That was last year's song

I heard you fell in love again (with what's her name)
She used to be my friend (not anymore)
I hope you make it in the end, I'm free now

No I'm not afraid now, no no
No I'm not afraid now
Yeah I'm on my way now, I got through somehow

If you're listening now, I bet you hear that sound
Of the preacher's raging on, banning last year's song

Are you listening now, did I get through somehow
When you're finally catching on, then I'm gone
Like last year's song

I'm not afraid now
It's gone away now, yeah, yeah, yeah
You're on your way now
It's New Year's Day now, I got through somehow

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