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1 Min. Man [Remix] F/ Ludacris,Jay-Z, & Trina

Missy Elliott

B- section:
OOO, I don't want, I don't need, I can't stand no min. man.
OOO, Here's yo chance, be a man, take my hand, understand,
I don't want no min. maaaa!


Boy I gon' make you love me,
make you want me,
& I'm gon' give you some attention, Tonight.(tonight)
shha ooo!
Follow my intuitions,
is whatcha whishin',
See I'm gon' keep you all night,
4 a long time,
So start counting down

Break me off, show me whatcha got,
cuz I don't want no 1 min. man. ooo!
break me off, show me whatcha got,
Cuz I don't want no 1 min. man.
Break me off, show me whatcha got,
Cuz I don't want no 1 min. man. ooo!
Break me off show me whatcha got,
cuz I don't want no....

Tonight I'm gon' give it to you,
throw it to you,
I want you to come prepared,
ooh yes,(oh yes)
shhha ooo!
Boy it's been a long time,
A crazy long time,
And I don't want no min. man,
And that's real,
give it to me some more!


Ludacris: Yeah, uh, uh.
It's time to set yo clock back ,
'bout as long as you can ,
I stop daylight,
It's Ludacris,
The maintenance man,
Get yo oil changed, check fluids, & transmissions,
You 1 min. fools, you wonderin' why ya'll missing,
On the back of milk cartons and there's no rewards,
no regards, close but it's no cigars.
A hard head makes a soft ass,
A hard dick makes the sex last,
I jump in pools, and make a big splash,
water overflowing, so get yo head right,
it's all in yo mind punks so keep yo head tight,
enough with tips, and advice and thangs,
big dog, havin' women seeing stripes and thangs,
They go to sleep,
counting sheep and shit, thier body so wet,
they bodies start to leak and shit
Just cuz i'm a all nighter, shoot all fire,
Ludacris balance and rotate all tires.

B- section

Jay-Z: Bet 50 grand i get this on 1 tape
Look I'm not trying to give you love and affection,
I'm just trying to give ya 60 sec. of affection,
I'm trying to give u cab fare and directions,
Get ur independent ass out of here,
I'm not yo man not ronie romance, not rial tresvan
no ma!
I'm trying to hit you then quit in the middle of round like i'mrobeto duran
no mas!
6 am another chick in the house(put yo hands up)
6 15 another chick kicked out(put yo hands up)
Spent 1min. trying to dig her out,
the other fourteen trying to put inher mouth.
Dick too chubby,
too much to make me love you,
Now be a nice wife and run home to hubby,
Cuz we both no what were doin' is wrong,
Don't forget to put yo ring back on.
Ha hu ha hu!


Trina: uh uh, You know little mamma ain't wit dat quick shit,
U betta break me off stiff tounge or stiff dick,
1minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes
Hell na to please me you gotta sleep in it,
I see you talk good game,
and you play hard,
But if I put this thang on you,
can you stay hard?
If not you betta keep you day job,
Cuz I'm looking for a man to make me say GOD!!!!
I'm off glass and you know this,
I'll work yo ass out like aerobics so baby stay focused,
Start off slow then speed it up,
Baby show me whatcha got,
is you a G or what
If you can't beat it up,
than eat it up,
Put a cherry on top,
whip cream it up


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