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Modest Mouse

Every sick, fickle fucker
Childhood's what makes you
Until they treat you like tundra
Weigh those opinions
More like air than lead

Every planned occupation
Surefire disappointment up ahead
Until they treat you like desert
See mirages of friendship
Face turns red

Aw, shit!

(I don't feel and it feels fine
Save twenty dollars and I'll give you my supplies
I don't mind)

Here's the soon to be anchor
Build bridges to nothing, you'll get nowhere
(I don't feel and that feels fine
I don't feel and that feels fine)

Every governor's mother
Knows that their bread is buttered by Sam
(Crook takes
Crook takes green out of wallet)

And what about science?
They find proof and let you make your own decisions
(There are answers to our reasons
Worthwhile to find)

Every child star wonders
If they have a future up ahead
(King takes queen, takes queen out clean
It's all right, it's all right)

Every kind-hearted banker
I don't think there is one
(I took you out)

Every winning opinion
I wish I had one
(I took you out for a night on the town
I took my wallet out)

Every winning opinion
I, I wish I had one
(You don't mind?
Well now, that's just bullshit)

Stand on platforms in water
Filling jars full of silence, you'll get nowhere
(You're balancing balls on your nose, all right
I don't mind, I don't mind
So sometimes you want your own space
And that's all right, right?

(Get too creative ordering our drinks
And mine stinks, mine stinks
Get too creative ordering our drinks
And yours stinks, yours stinks, yours stinks
We get too creative
We get too creative)

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