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Just Right For Me (feat. Lil Wayne)


She so good for me
Mr. Good stuff, mrs. Good stuffin', good lovin'
Watch me pull up till I pour somethin' on a full stomach
Take her out to eat like I'm hungry if you're hungry
Hopin' it off, then droppin' her off

Then toppin' it off with a (?)
And a smack on the ass, and a call me tomorrow
And a walk to the door and a honk on the horn
Got monica on my playlist and she on my bae list
But since I got a situation I use imagination, all right

Baby, baby, baby, baby, tunechi
Ain't know why I (?) for my baby
Like I can get my heart and (?)
Gotta keep my lovin' on your mind
Oh you got me goin' so (?)
I can't control it

Man to be together through the times
Cause you're just right for me
Boy you know your love's the best
And it's just right for me
And I don't care about your past
Cause you're just right for me
Just right for me

Baby, baby, baby, baby
It's like you're always tryna keep me happy
So you know what a wife like me gone do
Got me thinkin' (?) that made you
Oh you got me goin' so (?)
I can't control it