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  1. ... Of Golden Dust
  2. Aquarius: The Trancendence
  3. Clash At Saturn's Gates: The Confrontation
  4. Diabolique (Revelation in Red)
  5. Dusk: The Triumph
  6. Gotterdammerung
  7. Moonlit Conquest
  8. Moonthrone
  9. Portrait Of Retribution: The Betrayal
  10. Purgatory Within: The Oracle
  11. Ravens Of Twilight
  12. Shadow Funeral
  13. Shadowed Abduction: The Tragedy
  14. She Faded With The Shadows
  15. Shimmering Emerald Towers
  16. Spectral Vortex
  17. The Burning Spell: The Ascendance
  18. The Last Dawn Turned Black
  19. This Sunset Eternal
  20. Twilight of Misery


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