As they gather at the funeral wake
To speak of good times gone by
The deceased soul learns some more
Revealed reality, the flames of unrest

SONG: "Maybe his in his next life"
Sobs ma as the tears roll
Unknowing the eternal destination
As He awaits the judgement throne

SONG: "He's at rest now"
The hired celebrant proclaims
He tickles all the ears
While sin is exposed by the Heavenly Host

Silence falls over the crowd
As the casket lowers into the ground
While kneeling in the Heavenlies
Confessing the forsaken Lord of his life

SONG: "How can God allow this"
Cries sister in lament
But God had other plans
And revealed what this has meant

You gather what you cast into this straying earth life
While man has his will, the Son paid the price

You turn the flesh back into dust
Saying return to dust you sons of Adam
Lord teach us so to number our days
That we may apply our hearts to wisdom
In order that we avoid the aftermath of separation
Returning to the original purpose of creation

So back on earth men make their claims playing
SONG: "Where do they go" games
While up in Heaven the creator cries as people listen
To each other's lies

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