A Sense of Eternity


Extraction the sound of the Fire
Machine gun hit to your heart
Vibration the way of the Beat
Bringing forth a form of new life
Deep rumblings life is a vapour
Hand on the Truth of new guard

Growing years in the scene
A sense of eternity
god within a man's desire
A sense of eternity

Struggling with onslaught demand
within the Power of God I stand
Chasing the new born reality
Integrity strong men of God
Blitzkrieg to stand for the Lord
Cannot be captors of weak
Eternity the re-born arise
Together forever, never to die

Reform the truth of the past
New found ways back to your heart
Refusal to change the path
On to which the mighty stand
Great urgence life is a vapour
Hold on to the truthful ways

Making straight the way of old
Holy truth to stand bold
God within a man's desire

A sense of eternity
Life is a vapour today is the day
Hold on to re-born life
A chain is only as strong
At its point of weakest link
And the vital remains presented
from a heart full of The Faith
No one can control a mission
of God unequally yoked

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