Part 4 The Words At The Supper


(Luke 22:14-23)
Now what's this sudden word
What's he mean God when he speaks of death
Surely you would not subject him
To that of which he speaks
We cannot see what's the plan of this
He's shown your awesome glory
To the world of man
They don't even heed it

You see the wretched sin
Why send your son to die
If these words he speaks are true?
You are not answering us God
Please reveal to us your mind
Did you really send him to suffer and to die?

Take the wine and take the bread, he says
Do this in my remembrance
What is he saying?
We won't let him die
We'll be there at His call
Demons will not take him

One of you will betray me
And one of you deny
We've heard him speak this way
Angelic presence
We must rise and attack
Demons against the Son of man

Surely he will not resign
Surely he will not resign
Surely not!!!

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