In 1920, a young man of 14
Declared himself to be, a preacher of the faith
Second World War
A German who loved the Lord
Preached for all to hear, facing all adversity

The cost, of discipleship
The cost, to stand against all evil
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Lived and was martyred for the

Christian faith
The cross, we all must bear
The cross, under which there is no fear
Live and die, for what we believe

No liberal theology
In the 1940's, a hero of the faith
Refused to stop preaching the gospel
He saw the evil in the Third Reich
Had to protect the weak and the oppressed
He rescued the Jews to neutral Switzerland

Stood for the Lord, in the face of Hitler
Martyred for his faith, 9 days before freedom
Are we prepared to die for our faith in
Jesus Christ

Now fear is gone as we long for home
The true church, that is a miracle
Standing for Christ, in the face of death
The cost

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