Three men are going down into the sepolcreto
One of them lies by days into the coffin
He is receiting the prayers for the dead
Surrounded himself by the breeze of death
Wrapped in sudaria in a state pseudo-cadaverical
Funeral vestements are their mortuary clothes

In front the grave circle drawning mixture burning
Tomb is openend, coffin uncover, sound of bell
Corpse wet with hot young blood

Expiation made before the consultation
Magician precept, officiator of the rite
Sacrifice, appearing the manes of the dead

Walking down, along the corridor - Look around, and see a lot of tombstones
Light names and old images - Gloomy place, receiving relations in tears

Child's decapitated head winging neck him
On the golden slab engraving demon's name
Surrounded by candles, worshipping idols, receiving answers
What's happened that night remains secret of Catacomba

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