outline of a story-board with no idea
head first in the shallow end
i apologize if i do not care
busy hands keep swimming they don't like swallowing
to the abstract motor,
"gotta make that motor hum gotta make it run."
forward seems like forever
when ever is hand over hand over hand
the busy hands keeps swimming
gotta make that motor
get it over and done

so much for autographs
so much for apologies
so much for promises
i never intended to keep
how does it all add up?
how does the story end?
i can't let go i can't pretend

very i'm so friendly very i'm so halloween
so this is what i wanted
gotta keep those channels clean and other sobering themes
i'm drowning by numbers
my halo is bent it's a fat fucking lie
and so the abstract motor gives in
it says, at least i tried. at least i tried.

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