I could never pretend that I don't love you
You could never pretend that I'm your man
That's exactly the way that I want it
That's exactly the way that I am

And you call me in the morning with your troubles
Takin' it downtown every night
I could never place the stars at night above ya
Got my hands in the ground and you know I'm right

You wait so long

It's a coffee stain earth every time it happens
Liven up honey it ain't that bad
And the afterthought rose to recognition
Like every other coffin that I had

And your Buick broke down and went a muck
You fall to your knees and you pray to the Lord
Maybe take up hope at the politicians
Nothing happens in this burnt down town anymore

You wait so long

And your heart rolls on like a frozen freight train
You know that I help you if I can
But I'm just a raindrop in a river
Just a little itty-bitty grain of sand

And you know that I'm doomed to repeat this
With all the bad habits that I learned
But it's better then your five earned fornication
And all the dirty money that you earned

You wait so long
You wait so long

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